[BFM] Forsaken

Welcome to [BFM] Forsaken; a DayZ server on PC.

Explore Chernaurus Like Never Before

From behind the bulletproof glass of your own MRAP, behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger SRT, or high in the sky piloting a Mi-35, or any of our dozens of other vehicles, you can 


High in the sky over Chernaurus

Hop In a Server Wide Event

Our server staff hosts regular events; at least one each weekend and more scattered throughout the week. Compete in a variety of different challenges and earn yourself exclusive prizes. From unobtainable items to the dankest of kush to a variety of high end weapons - anything is up for grabs.

Start Your Own Narcotic Empire

With a variety of cannabis strains to choose from, you can have the weed farm of your dreams. Or maybe you prefer something a little stronger. Search the countryside for some poppies and some coke. Anything is possible. 

Pillage Ground Zero

Fight off the mutants in several military bases. Make sure to bring the big guns, because these fellas wont go down without a fight. And don't forget your HAZMAT gear, or else you could end up joining the undead.

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